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How Prevalent are Narrow Networks In Healthcare Today?

By: Greg Kay on September 28th, 2017

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How Prevalent are Narrow Networks In Healthcare Today?

During our recent webinar session “Winning Strategies for Contracting in Narrow Networks” we polled healthcare providers on several topics around narrow networks.

These questions provide insight as to how well your organization is prepared to manage narrow network negotiations.

How would your healthcare organization answer these questions?

Here’s how the live webinar attendees responded…


1. Is your organization currently part of a narrow network?

  • Yes: 50%
  • No: 50%

Slide1-12.jpg2. Does your organization have the expertise to review contracts and payer policies regarding Narrow Networks?

  • Yes: 83%
  • No: 0%
  • Unsure: 17%

Slide2-4.jpg3. Does your organization have contract modeling technology to understand the financial impact of joining a narrow network?

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 20%
  • Other: 20%


To learn more about how your organization can leverage narrow networks during contract negotiations,” click here!