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Brian Kenyon

Brian Kenyon oversees and manages the daily operations for PMMC's Business Intelligence division. He has over 8 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle and business intelligence.

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Business Insights

Uncovering Hidden Revenue: The Low-Balance Account Opportunity

For years, the conventional wisdom in the finance and healthcare sectors has been that low-balance accounts represent negligible value — they're seen as more trouble than they're worth, consuming resources that could be otherwise directed to higher-yield pursuits. That sentiment is precisely where many of us have been getting it wrong. In the labyrinth of the revenue cycle, low balance accounts often hide opportunities for incremental, sometimes substantial, returns that can significantly impact a hospital's financial health. Here's why you shouldn't glaze over these seemingly small accounts, and how to transform them into a robust source of revenue.

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Recovery  |  revenue cycle analytics

Quarterly Business Intelligence Report: Navigating the Denial Storm

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, patient volume declined by 60%, overall claims volume decreased, and revenue plummeted for healthcare organizations and hospitals nationwide. However, insurers were paying for virus treatment and testing services, which helped offset some of the financial impacts of the epidemic.

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Recovery  |  revenue cycle contract management

Modernizing Revenue Recovery Through the Power of AI

A revolutionary new AI tool is poised to change how healthcare organizations manage revenue recovery and protect cash flow.

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