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Collin Quinn

Mr. Quinn has worked in the healthcare arena for over 14 years with experience spanning healthcare billing and operations, release of medical information and health information technology and management. Prior to joining PMMC in 2010, Mr. Quinn served as Director of Health Information and Operations for a large multi-specialty ophthalmic practice in Charlotte, NC. At PMMC Mr. Quinn is responsible for oversight of PMMC’s interfaces and integrated eligibility offerings as well as PMMC’s corporate compliance policies. He continues to work closely with Estimator PRO Services assisting with workflow initiatives and reporting services for new and existing clients. Mr. Quinn is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Policy & Administration.

Blog Feature

Patient Estimates

No More Surprises: Maximize Estimates to Educate Patients and Increase Collections

As patient responsibility continues to grow, point-of-service collections become increasingly important. According to a recent HFMA article, two-thirds of patients are consistently surprised by their bills and only 25 percent are proactively counseled about their cost of care. In response, hospital revenue cycle processes need to account for the shift in payment responsibility.

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