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Fred Sheffield

Mr. Sheffield is a top-producing senior sales leader with over 20 years of challenger sales development, talent management and verifiable results in surpassing sales targets and client expectations in the information systems and healthcare technology industries. Mr. Sheffield is accustomed to developing teams to craft business-building visions with senior level executive management and steering negotiations with c-level executives and key decision makers within top healthcare organizations and Fortune 500 B2B companies. He is a motivational consensus builder, skillful at calling teams to action and solving sales challenges through training and mentorship to elevate performance, customer satisfaction, profitability and shareholder value. Mr. Sheffield previously led successful sales teams at SAVO Group and CareFusion.

Blog Feature

What Does Machine Learning Mean for the Healthcare Revenue Cycle?

There’s no denying that Big Data is everywhere in our day-to-day lives.  By some estimates, there has been more data created in the past 2 years than in all of human existence combined.  The rapid evolution of technology is aiding the vast amount of choices we have in the consumer world to leverage machine learning in an effort to study our habits and predictively deliver what we are looking for, when and where we need it.

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